Выдержки из репортажа корр. Би-би-си Джонатана Маркуса: NATO - Russia Council

Полный текст и аудиозапись находятся по адресу:


Previous  efforts at establishing a framework for joint action foundered on the rocks of lingering suspicion and genuine differences over issues like the crisis in the Balkans.

linger v

1.         засиживаться (on, over - над чем-либо)

2.         задерживаться (где-либо; about, round)

3.         терять время даром, потерять время даром

4.         медлить, мешкать, промедлить, промешкать

5.         опаздывать, опоздать

6.         тянуться (о времени)

7.         затягиваться, затянуться (о болезни)

8.         влачить жалкое существование, медленно умирать

lingering adj

1.         медлительный

2.         томительный

3.         затяжной (о болезни, кризисе и т. п.)

4.         давнишний

5.         долгий


But  the terrorist attacks in the United States on September 11th have put Russia and the NATO governments on converging courses.

The  aim now is to capitalise on this new, more positive mood.

The  new NATO-Russia Council will meet every month, with four ministerial level meetings each year.

It  has a detailed work programme covering areas like the struggle against terrorism, halting weapons' proliferation, theatre missile defence and so on.

proliferation n

1.             рост (количественный)

2.             распространение

3.             резкое нарастание


Clearly,  NATO itself will continue to discuss many of these issues on its own.


The  novelty of the new council is that it's intended to do practical things.


novelty n

1.             новизна

2.             новость

3.             новинка

4.             новшество

5.             нововведение

6.             мелкие дешевые товары


An  initial study will look at the terrorist threat to peace-keeping forces in the Balkans, where Russian troops serve alongside many other NATO and non-NATO countries.

By  keeping the new council focused on practical matters the hope is that it can take real decisions on real issues.


Its  success now depends on how much political capital is invested in the new body - one veteran NATO official noting that if the new council achieves little it could actually sour ties between the Alliance and Moscow.



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