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China  and Russia have agreed on an ambitious programme to boost cooperation in many spheres, ranging from the construction of nuclear power stations to cinema and the mass media.

увеличить и способствовать

in many spheres
во многих сферах экономики

Mr  Kasyanov, who heads Russia's efforts to attract foreign investors, says that Russia has much to learn from the experience of China's boom cities.

boom cities
города, чья экономика активно растет

Meanwhile,  China is an enthusiastic buyer of Russian-made weaponry, and sees Russia as a key market for Chinese industrial and consumer goods.

оружие, вооружения

key market
наиболее важные рынки

consumer goods
потребительские товары

Beijing   is also acutely interested in the possibility of an oil pipeline from eastern Siberia to northeastern China, which would reduce China's heavy reliance on oil from the Middle East.

acutely interested in
быть крайне заинтересованным в

reliance on
зависимость от




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