Выдержки из репортажа корр. Би-би-си Эндрю Уокера «African brewer seals Miller takeover»

Полный текст и аудиозапись находятся по адресу:


SABMiller  will have an extensive collection of beer brands

It  has also bought breweries around Africa and the rest of the world, which have generally been modernised but retained the local brand.

It  has a strong presence in much of Central and Eastern Europe.

The  deal gives South African Breweries a position in the very profitable US market.

It  also reduces its dependence on revenues in the South African rand, a currency which has been weak in recent years.


And  it will retain a minority stake in the new business. 

The  merger is due to be completed in July provided anti-monopoly regulators and shareholders in SAB do not object.




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